Saw frozen this weekend and I’m now obsessed with it. So I think I’m adding the coronation dress Elsa wears to my list of Momocon costumes. I think my favorite part of costuming is planning and researching it… but I’ve been collecting TONS of reference photos for this dress so if anyone needs me I’m your gal.

been quite busy. The scale mail takes quite awhile i’ve been working for the past month and I’ve done some more work on the chest piece but my big accomplishment recently is getting the sleeves done. I really hope that I can get this done for Momocon.  :D

So I’ve been quite busy but I started my other cosplay. Lady Loki from the comics. After some research I found that she has a full body scale mail outfit so started to do some scale mail. It’s so fun. WEAR GLOVES you get blisters otherwise or get some good tools mine aren’t great.

Sooooooooo…. I’ve been working on my next cosplay. Sif’s head thing (seriously is it a helmet a head protector???) is coming along. Making a paper pattern for it right now. I’m going to keep playing with the shape. I think the head band part of it needs to be a little longer. other than that I think it’s just what i want.

I’m planning on making it out of worbla. never worked with it before so i’m gonna do some testing. If someone has a better idea please oh please let me know!

I’m really excited to do this project. I’m a big sif fan. She’s just such an amazing character (in the comics currently. I didn’t like her that much in thor 2… and i don’t know much about early comic sif)

well more on this cosplay as it develops.

Well now that I’ve finished it I think I should reflect on what I learned from this cosplay.

First thing DO NOT USE ELASTIC FOR THE SKIRT’S WAIST BAND. oh my god my skirts were just slipping down all day and i couldn’t fix it because i’m wearing a corset. even if it’s more work PUT a zipper in and NON stretchy waist band and it might help if the waist band was a little tight so that when you put the corset on it suddenly isn’t too big. I’m probably going to fix this before momo-con so no worries.

next thing is the corset. now I had some problems where i didn’t plan exactly how long the busk was. so i learned going shorter is better with busks. that’s the reason i have that werid looking round top. I’m really unhappy about that. also I needed to give my self a few more inches in the front so that the bust still fit my boobs. the problem was that the busk pulled in a bunch of fabric in the front and made the boob part of the corset closer together which is NOT what i wanted. so that happened. also it didn’t really do the whole corset thing. I need to just make my own pattern for a corset and use metal boning. On the bright side I made my first corset and I learned a lot about corsets so next time i make one it will be even better!

favorite part of the cosplay was the velvet i’m really happy i went with it. I liked the shine and how it fell on me. least favorite part the shape of the corset. I put a lot of time into this cosplay and I hope it showed! maybe before momocon, it’s in may, I could remake the corset and waist band.

well everyone remember to cosplay on!

Soooo I FINISHED HA HA!! and there’s me with my friend all dressed up and ready to go. Then there’s me at dragon con. It got really hot so i had to take off my jacket and the corset was rubbing me the wrong way so I had to change during the convention too :’(

However met that cool dude in the last photo. don’t remember his name… awks… but he was really cool. he 3d printed the bottle then made it water proof. he then put a glow stick in it to make it glow which i thought was really clever.

it was really fun and i’m super pleased with the skirt and jacket. the corset though isn’t exactly the fit i was going for but hey first time making one. I may remake the corset and have it be a little more legit.

overall it was really fun to make this took awhile but i think it was worth it. well everyone cosplay on.

So lots of progress. Finished up the corset and was doing a test fit. looks pretty good to me. so that’s done with. I’m not super pleased with the fit but what ever no changing it now right?

the necklace was made from some sorta button thing i found. i just sewed it onto a piece of lace because I was in a hurry at the time (night before the con)

all that’s left to do is finish the jacket! can’t wait to get it all together!

Finished both skirts!!! party hard.

So i ended up hand stitching the velvet hem on the skirt because i wanted it to be accurate and not have that machine sewing line.  lace i found at handcocks it was just what i was looking for. so yessss

it’s coming along nicely if i do say so myself. (also I was working at my grandparents house. They have a nice bed! :0 )

ok so here are my lovely grommets! well kinda they got a little off if you can’t tell.

anyway here are my tools fun fun fun. got my grommet tools. ended up just using the hammer and manual because the hand one was crud. other than that i used a button hole maker and punched a bunch of holes. there was probably an easier and more accurate way to do it but this is what I did.

then I test laced it and I feel ok about it :D

I apologize. I thought I would post when i finished moving…. obviously that didn’t happen. For that I am sorry…. HOWEVER, I am back now so I’ll try to post more regularly starting with how I finished my Elizabeth costume. Ok expect posts!

OK just a heads up I moved this past weekend so I’m not going to be able to work on my costume all that much so I won’t having anything to show for a little while. However I’ll post again soon because, after all, Dragoncon is in 2 weeks!

I just wanted to show off some more photos of my corset today since I haven’t done much today. :P

What’s left to do is finish the front. As you can see it’s still open. I just have to hand stitch it together and then add about 20+ grommets to the back and I’ll be done :T who ha…

I did start to plan out grommet setting in the actually corset… I’m quite nervous about it if you can’t tell.

Today I put in the boning. I had no problems thank goodness. Then I stitched together the cotton and satin parts of the corset together. I should also mention I put in the busk but I didn’t really take photos of that… sorry… My corset is looking sweet though right? all that’s let is to put in the grommets. wooooooot!

Oh and I should note that sewing on the ribbon actually caused my satin to bunch up so I had to shorten the corset by an inch or so on the top and bottom so be carful!

Recently I added the ribbon the top and bottom of the corset and also around the front and back. Then I began to hand stich on the black lines. oh my god I stitched for 5+ hours and only got one half of the corset done. ONE HALF! ug well It really looks great so I shouldn’t complain but for those of you wanting to do this YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

Ok I totally forgot to take photos of the pieces when I cut them out or when I was gathering but I was really focused on what I was doing.

to make the collar stand up I used a stiff piece of fabric I’m blanking on the name but It really keeps it up. Anyway the sleeves gathered really beautifully so I’m really happy with it.

All that’s left for me to do is add the fo-cuff to the sleeve and then sew up the sides. It’s really coming together isn’t it?